Willis Ingle



Willis Ingle

died 30 Oct 1867; age 62y

"Member Methodist Church 45 years. Traveling Preacher 27 years."

Willis Ingle (born VA) married 
Elizabeth Gregory (1805 VA - 13 Feb 1875) in 1825. 
His children include: Andrew H (married Bellicent Lyon), 
Mary A (married Michael C Caylor), Sarah, Joseph D (married Mary Jane Dixon), 
Martha E (married (1) Thomas B Bellomy; married (2) James Alfred), 
Robert Fleenor (married Elizabeth Murry),
Anthony Horne (married (1) Mary Ellen Porter; married (2) Mary Ellen Gobble), 
Nancy (married Johnathan D Andis), and John Wesley (married Alsey Jane Williams). 






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