Joseph D Ingle



Please note: In June, 2007, we found no marker for Joseph Ingle. 
The book "Families of Washington County and Bristol, Virginia 1776 - 1996" 
contained this photo of Joseph's tombstone.  
Even though we feel that his tombstone is no longer able to be found 
in Ingle Cemetery, we wanted to include this photo in our cemetery transcription. 

photo from "Families of Washington County and Bristol, Virginia - submitted by Charlotte Morrell Roe

Joseph D Ingle

30 Mar 1832 - 03 Sep 1914

Son of Willis and Elizabeth (Gregory) Ingle, married Mary Jane Dixon 
on 15 Jan 1853 and had the following children: 
Martha Elizabeth (married William Self), 
Minerva Campbell (married Robert Lewis), 
Delila or Delia Pippin (married William or Hendericks Self/Selfe), 
Cynthia Ellen (married John C Gill), 
William Baker (married Malinda Ann Whicker), 
Michael Caylor (married Eliza Cunningham), 
Sarah Catherine (married Jim Moore), 
Jonathan Andis (married Mary E. Brummitt), 
James Henry (married Martha Sexton), 
George Washington (married Lizzie Large). 
Joseph served for the Confederacy in the Civil War.




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